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 Echo 1 MP5 A4 vs UPGRADED Toky Marui P90 RDS

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PostSubject: Echo 1 MP5 A4 vs UPGRADED Toky Marui P90 RDS   Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:14 am

This topic will be comparing these 2 guns, and deciding the good and bad things about both of them.

Echo 1 MP5 A4

The Echo 1 MP5 A4 was $130 at my walk in store. It combines power, accuracy and range, with an affordable price. It is fairly compact, and easy to aim and operate. It comes with a battery, charger, 200 BBs, extra plastic flash hider, instructions, and 200 round high cap mag.


Good FPS

accuracy is very good for the price

Range is great


should last you a while


Selector switch is a little sloppy

plastic is only decent

Tokyo Marui upgraded P90 RDS

The Tokyo Marui P90 can be purchased for around $250. I paid a little for from my walk in store, cause I needed it in a hurry, but they gave me a free upgrade which was nice. The gun is very compact, and after getting used to the P90, an M4 seems like an M14 compared to an MP5. The red dot sight is very accurate, and if the batteries die, there are back up iron sights. It is very accurate, and, with the upgraded spring, the range is great.



Range (With upgrade)


Comes with rail

TM, so it should be reliable

realistic trades

IT'S A P90!!!!!!!


Magazine capacity

Limited battery space


I am very impressed with both the Echo 1 MP5, and the TM P90. I guess I will end with direct comparison.

(all scores are out of 5)

Echo 1 MP5:

Accuracy: 3 1/2

Range: 4

ROF: 4

Battery compartment: 4 1/5

Magazine Cap: 3

Sights: 3

Fit and finish: 2 1/2

Tokyo Marui P-90:

Accuracy: 4

range: 4 1/4

ROF: 3 3/4

battery compartment: 2

magazine cap: 1 1/2

sights 4

fit and finish: 4

Overall, I would say that the deciding factor, is how much you are willing to pay. If it's a first gun, or you are are short on $$$, get the Echo 1. If you want to spend a lot of money on a high end, the P90 is great.


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sgt. Hartwig
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PostSubject: Re: Echo 1 MP5 A4 vs UPGRADED Toky Marui P90 RDS   Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:29 am

i think we'd agree without your stats that the TM is better...

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Echo 1 MP5 A4 vs UPGRADED Toky Marui P90 RDS
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