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 Stealth BBs?

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Stealth BBs? Empty
PostSubject: Stealth BBs?   Stealth BBs? EmptyTue Mar 04, 2008 8:36 pm

I saw these on airsplat wondered how they were
my links dont seem to be working so......
in the bb section on airsplat they are at the very bottom and are called invisible .25 they are green
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Stealth BBs? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stealth BBs?   Stealth BBs? EmptyTue Mar 04, 2008 10:42 pm

Well, IMHO any dark colored bb is going to be more difficult to see.

I have used green, gray and black as well as the usual white, yellow and light gray.

In my experience the dark colored bbs worked to my disadvantage in more ways than one.

#1 Its incredibly hard to see your shot placement and that really is an issue with airsoft.

#2 In the heat of a close firefight (Adrenaline pumping) when people don't "See" the your bb stream flying at them, the dont think that they were hit.

After the third time I had an argument with someone whether my gun was loaded, I switched to the lightest bbs possible.

Also, even if you were using either semi more or a single shot bolt action, its still nearly impossible to track. Given that it really takes a steady stream of bbs for an opponent to be able to track you.

My .02USD

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Stealth BBs?
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