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PostSubject: Moves that help THESE ARE NOT MINE THEY ARE SPLATMASTER'S   Moves that help THESE ARE NOT MINE THEY ARE SPLATMASTER'S EmptyMon Jun 02, 2008 5:52 pm

Splatmaster from wrote:
New players:

Practice three key moves, and your game skills will get better, faster. Just three main keys will help you make it through any game, big or small: movement, communication, and Snapshooting..

1: Movement

You have to keep moving, otherwise you will get flanked and nailed. Remember, airsoft BB's aren't bullets, they can be inaccurate and are fairly slow. Even if someone is blasting away at you, it will surprise you how easy it is for your opponent to miss.
Use a distraction to move to safety, snapshoot from one side of your bunker, then run out the other direction. Another good trick is to "strategically retreat," where you keep some sort of solid cover in between you and your opponent. As you back away, make sure to keep that cover in his line of fire. Keep going until you make it back level with more cover, then run straight to that bunker or tree. This will throw off their range perception and give you plenty of time to get behind something solid. from their point of view you will have suddenly appeared farther away than you were. Cover your move, and shorten the time you are in the open.

*Cover and movement is paramount. when you move to cover it is important that your team is putting rounds on target, aka coverfire. If your team will shoot at your enemy, even if they are shooting at the object the enemy is hiding behind, it will force your enemies head down and give you clear freedom of movement. its a no brainer for most people, but you will be surprised how many don't use this simple tactic in the heat of the moment. Also keep in mind the "strategic retreat" tactic doesn't work when your enemy is aggressive and using cover and movement to advance on your position. The best way to deal with an aggressive enemy is to be more aggressive.*
(Thanks Durden)

Another good tip is to always start a game with a plan. Where are you going first? What about after that? What is your fallback location? All of this needs to be communicated with your team before the beginning of the game.

2: Communication

Communication is at least as important as movement. Not everyone can see the whole battlefield. Your team must constantly be talking to each other. You need to know where your opponents are. Where are your squad mates? Who's dead? Anyone running low on ammo? Your squad leader should be on a channel with the CO at all times, and if you know something important it should be relayed to the commander.

No radio?

Comms down? Not everyone using a radio? Well, the best advice is to get one. If that is improbable then hand signals work well too. A good link is most of those work in any situation, but it takes practice to master them.
Another often overlooked skill is the art of YELLING! (fluke is a master Moves that help THESE ARE NOT MINE THEY ARE SPLATMASTER'S Icon_lol ) Don't be afraid to let everyone within earshot know what you know. If there is a guy flanking your squad to the left, make sure everyone knows, don't try to let him sneak up and hit him, if you get killed before that then your squad might never know what hit them.


This is one of your most important pieces of gear. ALWAYS know where your radio is, it could save your team the game. Say, if you get cut off from your group and you see a large force sneaking around behind one of you more lightly defended bases, reach down to grab your radio, and OH SNAP! Its not there! Or worse, you didn't have it in the first place! Then about the only thing you can do is try to imitate me and attempt to demolish the entire enemy force solo. Not a good option. I have the holes in me to prove it Moves that help THESE ARE NOT MINE THEY ARE SPLATMASTER'S Icon_e_wink
For your radio you most definitely should get a headset. Not only do you get the ease of talking into it, but if you are surrounded by bad guys and you radio squawks with little billy at his first op saying he is hungry, then you don't give away your location. Also, make sure to lock your radio down (if it has that option) before the game begins. With all the crawling around and objects to slam into you never know when you might hit the "scan" button. Nothing makes you fell more stupid than when you see a group of tan guys sneaking across the DMZ and you call in for backup and the reply you get is "Uh, I think someone is on our channel?" (yeah, that was me Moves that help THESE ARE NOT MINE THEY ARE SPLATMASTER'S Icon_rolleyes ) Your CO should tell you what channels to use, and don't try listening to the other teams channel, that is just bad sportsmanship.

3: Snapshooting

After many hours spent on the speedball court, I have perfected this move, it is one of the best interchangeable moves from Paintball to Airsoft. It is not to be confused with blind firing(also known as putting your gun around a corner without looking), that is dangerous and should never be attempted.

If you are in a close combat situation, whether it be a fire base or an urban scenario, inches matter immensely, and speed is of vital importance. Snapshooting is a technique that you can use if you find yourself in a position where you are pinned by someone "posted" on you. A posted player has their weapon up, and is ready to shoot at an opponent. A player that is posted can start shooting at where they suspect you'll come out next. Your best bet at getting them off you is to be effective at snapshooting. The technique is fairly simple, but it takes consistent practice to master.
Behind you bunker or wall, visualize where the opponent is and point your gun where think their location is. Lean quickly out of your bunker, snapping off two or three quick shots. Snap back in cover as fast as you can.
As a rule of thumb, if you can see your BB's hitting the target, your not snapping back fast enough. Your opponent would have time to but a BB right in you face. This skill is one of the most important for an aggressive player, and is extremely handy if you find yourself in a tight spot.

Also, play the sides of your bunker, not over the top. Playing over the top means they will see your head before you even have a chance to shoot. That gives them a split second advantage and longer to hit you. learn to play both sides, and try never to pop out in the same place twice.
Effective snapshooting can often be the difference between a fort taken or a long walk back to the dead zone.

tonygunz wrote:Good info, I would like to add a bit to your snapshot guide. Some might know this as dynamic movement. I see alot of guys trying this but they never take the stand-off into considersation. Stand-off is the distance between you and the cover. The technique I use is as I approach the cover, METT-T dependant, is stiff arming with my left. This will allow you to instantly be in the correct postion to snap out from the left or right. As the equations often are not right angles, it may be required for you to adjust your body to use the effective cover. One of the biggest flaws I see with new guys behind cover, is trying to go prone for no reason. If the cover allows, crouching will off much more mobility and speed.

I would also like to add some of my thoughts

#10 The fastest way to get hit, is a straight line, Create angles, thats right math works....
#9 Never let the enemy shoot first, They might be luckier than you.
#8 Never stand or post in a doorway or window
#7 Use supporting fires when Moving, Ambushing, Meeting engagements... heck use it always
#6 IMT is not just for the movies
#5 Violence of Action: Have more than your enemy
#4 Breaking contact: let everyone know except the enemy
#3 Pick the battle, Luck favors those behind cover
#2 If you are in the a Killzone, get out....FAST
#1 If you are the last one and you are surrounded or heavily pinned down, Always, always switch to your side arm or back up and charge with all your might.... Sure you seem a little crazy and get lumped up but chics dig stuff like that...

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, I wasn't sure where to put it. It was written almost exclusively by me, and I hope this helps some others to get to be better players.

Written by: Splatmaster

I did not write these but they helped me so I think they may help you too.
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