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 G&G GR-16 R4 Sportline

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Private First Class E-2

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G&G GR-16 R4 Sportline Empty
PostSubject: G&G GR-16 R4 Sportline   G&G GR-16 R4 Sportline EmptyMon Aug 11, 2008 2:44 am

I am thinking of buying this gun and I have been looking through some of the old topics about this gun and i was wondering if anyone within this community could possibly give me like a mini review of it because i have had some trouble finding decent reviews about it online. So if anyone has prior expireience with this gun or a G&G product and you have any tips or recomendations those would be helpful.

BTW: I am also thinking of purchasing the following with it


front sight:
I wont be purchasing this from ASGI but i am getting this same product from a friend for less.

I am not entirelly sure of what type of battery to get with it so if anyone has a suggestion of a rather cheap battery then just let me know.

Help Please
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G&G GR-16 R4 Sportline
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