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 CYMA G18 review

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PostSubject: CYMA G18 review   CYMA G18 review EmptyMon Aug 25, 2008 1:13 am

CYMA G18/C.030 review

By Airsoftguy


I purchased the CYMA G18 from for $36.00 plus shipping. I had no problems with poinact, and the AEP was delivered in around a week, however they are a wholesale company, and they require you to spend at least $100.00.


The gun comes in a box covered in pictured of AEP internals. The styrofoam is deam and seems to keep the gun very secure. The CYMA G18 includes a battery, charger, an adapter so that the battery can actually be charged with the charger, a small allen wrench, a package of .20g BBs, a cleaning rod and a manual. The manual is mostly useless containing nonsensical sentences such as "The bunglesome BB Bullet is damage with the gun", along with priceless tips like "Pull the trigger to shot" and "Press the magazine release button to release the magazine".

The plastic seems to be sturdy, and I do not think it would break easily. There are no trademarks except for a very visible "MADE IN CHINA" label on the right side of the gun. The selector switch is easy to use and works smoothly. The safety however, is a bit hard to move, (But it does get easier with some use) and does not feel like it would prevent you from firing the gun is you really pulled the trigger hard.

The battery and the hop up are located under the slide. To remove the slide, press the button on the back of the slide, and then slide it forward.


The included battery is a 7.2 v 500 Mah Ni-Mh battery. It has a white arrow pointing left, showing the direction the battery must be inserted. There is a lever attached to the gun to remove the battery. The battery charge seems to last a long time, and will probably fire around 1,000 BBs with a single charge. The battery does not connect to the gun with wires like most airsoft guns, but uses positive and negative terminals, similar to regular alkaline batteries. To charge the battery, you must first change the charger into adapter, and then slide the battery into the adapter. The battery should be charged for about two hours.


The magazine can hold as many as 31 BBs, and when it is working is very nice. However, I have had several problems with it. Two of of the screws became loose, so that when I tried to load the BBs, they were ejected back out of the magazine. I tightened the screws, but then the latch keeping the BBs down became stuck, causing the same problem. To fix that, I just pried it back up, and it has not become stuck again. I have also had a few misfeeds.

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CYMA G18 review
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