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 new sniper

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Private First Class E-2

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PostSubject: new sniper   new sniper EmptyWed Oct 08, 2008 4:26 am

Ok now ive decided to buy a new sniper-but one that is cheap like a clone or something. But theres too many to choose. I dodnt even know where to start so ill list some companies where ive seen them selling some (note: budget is $100 or less)
Kart m700
HFC VSR10 marui close
JG Bar 10
Agm L96 Awp

Ya thats just a list of some random ones ive found on the internet so if u have any suggestions then cool
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PostSubject: Re: new sniper   new sniper EmptyWed Oct 08, 2008 2:33 pm

The JG Bar 10s are always raved about. Not sure about the other ones

My friend has the UTG L96 and it's pretty good. It's not really accurate enough to use it over an AEG. The power is good though.

Honestly, airsoft snipers are fun, but unless you upgrade them a lot, they are useless. (Heck, most AEGs with TB barrels could still get the same range as a sniper)
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PostSubject: Re: new sniper   new sniper EmptyWed Oct 08, 2008 8:25 pm

I agree with Stealth.

For me the airsoft "Sniper" is best served by an AEG.

I've written my opinions on this issue in detail here:

In a nutshell, my thoughts are that the bolt action sniper is only superior from a sound perspective.

Its range and accuracy can be matched by virtually any upgraded AEG and of course the AEG can provide superior ROF.

Given the limited (relatively speaking) range of airsoft, ROF MAY be more valuable a tool to have than stealth.

That said, if you've got to have the bolt action, nothing will scratch that itch other than the bolt action Wink

Well L96 = Decent Performer, but budget a Tight Bore (TB) barrel into the mix.

Good luck!


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Sergeant E-5

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PostSubject: Re: new sniper   new sniper EmptyThu Oct 09, 2008 7:48 am

I agree with everyone. I think that an AEG will be the best sniper. I have the JG Bar 10 and I'm not impressed. I think something is messed up with my hop-up so the accuracy is horrible. The only real reason I would ever get a springer is if you live in a cold environment. Last winter, at a game, everybody's AEG's weren't working because it was too cold out. So, springers still worked so I got the sniper. Even if it was accurate, I would still prefer an AEG with a nice scope.
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PostSubject: Re: new sniper   new sniper Empty

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new sniper
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