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 "Which Gun?" Thread Rules

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"Which Gun?" Thread Rules Empty
PostSubject: "Which Gun?" Thread Rules   "Which Gun?" Thread Rules EmptyFri Oct 31, 2008 2:41 pm

Hey guys,

I've been getting a couple of complaints about a spike in the "What gun should I get?" threads.

I understand that for the poster, this is a great thing to ask and it generates some conversation too.

I'm not going to ban this type of conversation, but I would like you all to put in some effort before you post.

If you are going to ask this type of question, please first research the type of gun you want. Thus, "M4 style from JG, Echo 1, ICS or CA".

Ask yourself what kind of environment you play in "I.e. CQB or Woodland".

Ask yourself how long you believe each skirmish will last so that other members can recommend the size battery you'll probably need. Alternatively, if you have a stock preference (I.e solid, collapsible, folding etc..)

Finally, set out your TOTAL budget.

If you do this, it will show the other members that you are not being lazy and instead are being a productive contributing member of the forum.



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"Which Gun?" Thread Rules
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