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 Since nobody is talking...

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Since nobody is talking... Empty
PostSubject: Since nobody is talking...   Since nobody is talking... EmptySat Apr 04, 2009 2:58 pm

Firstly, nice job on the videos! I would like to thank everyone who took a part in the making of them, very professional. Secondly, I have noticed that you have no member base, which is fairly odd considering the exceptional videos that you have. I will tell you a bit about myself in the hopes that you can do the same, might spark a small conversation.

The reason I joined this forum was to get a basic idea of what I need and second opinions. I also figure airsoft is a good way to get out and have some fun on the weekend. When you work forty hours a week you need a chance to get out! Now I need to find a way to manage my Mustang and airsoft on one budget...

I must say vehicles are my passion, I usually spend several hours a day just researching new modifications or doing minor grunt work on my Mustang. I got my 1997 Mustang GT with only 85,000 miles, which means it was only driven about 7,000 miles a year! Ultra low mileage for the year. Now that you know something about me, your turn!


Unless you give a short story you should not post in this topic! This way we can get everyone to share something about themselves.
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Since nobody is talking...
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