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 Regarding spam

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Regarding spam Empty
PostSubject: Regarding spam   Regarding spam EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 11:33 am

Hello readers,
I am seeing as of late a rise in the amount of spam posted by so called "Spam Bot" accounts. Users (assuming non-humans) will register, make a post or two quoting unrelated content and linking users to suspicious websites to purchase merchandise. Spam bots are generally programs that will fill out the application data required to register and post on forums automatically, generally posting nonsensical blurbs about purchasing merchandise and using hyperlinks to bring users to their websites.

Please understand that myself (and I assume other moderators) are still actively watching the boards and will continue to delete such topics and posts. Until the method of registration is changed for the forum and or Spam bots cease their actions, please refrain from clicking on suspicious links!

Bioniclebert is a moderator.
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Regarding spam
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