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 Airsoft Myths

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PostSubject: Airsoft Myths   Airsoft Myths EmptySun Sep 23, 2007 2:44 pm

Here is some short myths that still linger around in the forums here and elsewhere.

Myth 1.) CA and ICS guns are not reliable

Answer: Totally false, ICS and CA 2006-2007 lines have been of excellent quality, and anyone who says they still are not reliable, is most likely a noob, reiterating what another noob said.

Myth 2.) CAs are made of pot metal

Answer: False once again. It is true CA doesn't have the best quality metals, especially on their M15 series, but calling them pot metal also reveals the noobness in some. CA uses aluminum with a zinc coating. So while they do have zinc( A main component in Pot metal), they do not have nearly the amount that would classify their metal as "pot metal."

Myth 3.) Lowering prices means lowering quality

Answer: Again not true, I have had a few members ask me about the v.3 G&G AEGs. They have wondered if the huge price drop in the G&G rifles, meant G&G was going down on the quality meter. A price drop, normally has no relation to a quality drop. G&G knew that if they kept on there path of making guns that sell for $450+, and that were so lemony, you could smell the the scent of fresh picked lemons even before you opened the box, that they were going to go under. So they decided to scrap their previous designs, and create a new line of high end guns, that they would sell for the same price of a CA or TM or ICS, while boasting higher quality.

Myth 4.) ICS uses steel on there M4s

Answer: FALSE!!!!!!!! This is a very misleading sentiment, as ICS uses a very high quality, aluminum on their M4s, trust me, if ICS was using steel, they would have been selling for much more than they are now.


Scroll down and read the part the part that says, "aluminum alloy made with strenghten process" ( Yes I included the engrish in there)

Ill be adding more myths to the posts, please if you want something added, and you have some valid proof to back it up, please PM me
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Airsoft Myths
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