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 Custom User Bars!

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Custom User Bars! Empty
PostSubject: Custom User Bars!   Custom User Bars! EmptySun Oct 21, 2007 12:41 am

Most of you guys know that I have retired from the sig making business, and have left it up to Me to take care of making awesome sig for ASR members.

Well after some thought, I decided to come back and make user bars for you guys!

Each user bar will be unique, you can not use a user bar that some other member on this forum is already using.

Each bar will follow normal user bar conventions and will be 350x19 pixels.

Users can have up to 4 user bars in their sigs.

Here are some of examples of the bars:

You can have a bar that depicts a weapon:

Custom User Bars! G18cusercopy

You can even have bars like these:

Custom User Bars! Kradfancopy

I'm just kidding, you can only have user bars that have to do with airsoft.

Now how to order one of these User bars:

If you want one from me, you must submit the application in this format, I recommend copying the form and fill in the blanks.

Here is the form:

Quote :
I would like one of your user bars.

Please customize it to this:

1.) Use the colors: (pick 2 colors, separate with comma)

2.)A) Use an image of: (specify object),

2.)B) or use this image: ( give a full, working URL)

3.) And use this text line: (give text you want to be used in the user bar, 3 word max)


OK thats the form, just PM it too me.
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Custom User Bars!
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