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 G&G special

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Corporal E-4
Corporal E-4

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PostSubject: G&G special   G&G special EmptyWed Oct 31, 2007 11:06 am

Airsoft GI has a special on the full metal AK104, M14, and the M16 carbine packages go check it out

it makes me want to buy the AK ahhh
should I ?
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Master Gunnery Sergeant E-9

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PostSubject: Re: G&G special   G&G special EmptyWed Oct 31, 2007 7:43 pm

Yes, they are now selling player packages for the same price as the original G&G.

IE, the G&G M14 costs 255$, and the new player packages cost 255$ as well.

Should you? Its up to you, that is a good deal though.
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G&G special
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