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 OK final decision

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Sergeant E-5
Sergeant E-5

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OK final decision Empty
PostSubject: OK final decision   OK final decision EmptyFri Nov 30, 2007 12:31 am

SO i have narrowed my search all the way down to 2 guns. The TM AUG OR the KWA G36. Now, i know that the KWA is better, but it also costs 84 dollars more. Some reasons why i would get the AUG is i think it looks cool, it is very well priced, it is easy to clean, reliable, strong internals, and it's different: not many people have it. Of course the KWA is a better gun, but is it worth all that extra money?? IS it really that much better(84$ more)??? Right now i am veering toward the AUG for all the reasons above but mainly because the cost i so low on the website I found. I guess i just want your guys opinion before I spend 200-300 dollars on a gun. Oh, and I think that both will last me a long time becuase they are respectable manufacterures. Thanks!!!!

Hey guys,
Just read a review on the KWA and a few people had a problem with the accuracy and others said that the accuracy was great. Have you guys heard anything about it's accuracy??? I think that both guns will last long and I am still leaning toward the AUG because of the price and amazing accuracy it boasts.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this:

If you don't want to read everything about it, it is pretty much an echo with pimped out externals. So, if not the KWA what about this. I have heard nothing but excellent things about echo and this is ranked way higher than any other popular G36 (except for the KWA) Tell me what ur opinions is. Right now my position is still undecided, i like the AUG and this G36 becasue both are rare, good, well priced, and sweet looking.
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First Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: OK final decision   OK final decision EmptyMon Dec 17, 2007 2:12 am

Still get the TM
with the TM you can get a metal covering
less jams
and take care of it with silicon oil
upgrade motor to
the accuracy is good and the rate of fire is awesome
I like more reliable guns
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OK final decision
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