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 ICS M4 Package?

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Private First Class E-2

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ICS M4 Package? Empty
PostSubject: Re: ICS M4 Package?   ICS M4 Package? EmptyThu Dec 27, 2007 1:53 am

How about this, i was going to buy the G&G but this caught my eye
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ICS M4 Package? Empty
PostSubject: Re: ICS M4 Package?   ICS M4 Package? EmptyThu Dec 27, 2007 2:17 am

The ICS M4, and the G&G M4, are both high end Taiwanese-built replicas.

I would have to advise you to stick with the G&G for these reasons:

The G&G M4 has a 6.035mm TB stock, giving you greater accuracy over the ICS M4.

The G&G M4 has 7mm bearings, where the ICS only has 6mm.

The G&G has a ROF with a 9.6v battery of 1100+ RPM, while the ICS can offer you 900-1000RPM w/ a 9.6v. Still respectable though.

The G&G M4's stock FPS is higher than that of the ICS M4.

The G&G is built from a magnesium alloy, which gives the receiver a great look and feel only surpassed by the G&P M4 bodies. To note, the ICS M4 receiver is made from high grade aluminum, im not sure if it is casted or machined.

The ICS Split gearbox can be a pro for the ICS, but the lack of after market replacement gearboxes worries me.

The ICS also has the Turbo 3000, which is a great motor, it seems the G&G 25K motor is fast, but not to strong, unlike the Turbo 3000.
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ICS M4 Package?
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