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 Tactical pistol accessories

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PostSubject: Tactical pistol accessories   Tactical pistol accessories EmptyThu Dec 27, 2007 7:55 am

Two things: First, I just wanted to see if anyone else uses Hogue grips on thier pistols or pistol grip guns. No? Well get one then! (cheapest I've found)

I'm getting ready to buy a real steel 1911, and my friend told me to get a custom Hogue grip for it because he does comp. shooting and it makes an easier draw and adds more comfort. So I was like why not get some for my gas guns? These things are awesome. These universal ones fit most pistol grips and are soft, textured rubber. The palm area is also very slightly raised making your gun more ergonomic and if you have a pressure switch it is a better alternative then stretch cloth. They are made for the real thing so they will last you forever too. They make my KWA glock melt into my hand and I also put one on my WE Dragon. I'm getting a beretta in the spring so I got like 4 four of them because I want to see if it will stretch onto my KWC gas DEagle when I get it in a couple weeks. They also have a "jr" version which is perfect for rifle/smg grips and even an OD one.

Tactical pistol accessories Stagqd10
Tactical pistol accessories Handal10

Secondly, I want to know if anyone knows where to get a front rail mounting GREEN laser for a pistol. I have a red one on my glock now but I was firing a friends real steel glock and he has a green one built into the damn frame, but I liked how the green is just so much more visible than the red, esp. outdoors, I've looked all over kinda but I cant find a pistol version. My price limit is 150. Anyone?
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Tactical pistol accessories
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