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 Airsoft Atlanta Rocks!

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PostSubject: Airsoft Atlanta Rocks!   Airsoft Atlanta Rocks! EmptySat Jul 12, 2008 7:46 pm

Whadup Airsoft Reports!

I'm 27 and new to Airsoft, some of my friends play when they go camping and I decided it was time to get a gun. My roommate just got a G36 from Canfield's here in Omaha for about $150. I guess he was getting tired of his butt getting kicked with his M16 cheap-o-springer! He originally got an AK-47 from that store for like $120 but it was junk and the fire selection switch busted before he even put 2 clips through it so he got the G6. Of coarse this gun outperforms anything our friends have and their jaws pretty much dropped when they picked it up and felt how solid it is (I think its a JG, no OEM listed on the gun or box Model is:G306 I think ???). Long story short is they're getting new gear when they get back from Cancun in a couple weeks.

I figured thereís no better time than now to get an order in for my own AEG so I spent the last week and a half educating myself to the ins and outs of airsoft, I covered all the basics (best entry level guns, good retailers, regular maintenance tips and all the good stuff). As soon as I started looking around at ASGI, airsplat, redwolf, and Airsoft Atlanta I knew I was getting a MP5 of some sort. Always been a Tom Clancy fan and the MP5 is almost the poster child of the original Rainbow Six book. There are so many to choose from though! I swear I spent a good five days sifting through reviews and videos on youtube and such just to decide on which brand MP5 to snag up. Now I'm a quality kind of guy, I build allot of computers for friends and family and just like airsoft, "you get what you pay for" stands just as true in computer hardware and have learned that lesson well when I first started building them 10 years ago. I wasn't afraid to spend a little cash is pretty much where I'm going with this. Although I wasn't going to go all out and drop $250 right away for my first gun I did decide that I'd spend at least as much as my roommate so I could get a descent entry level AEG. I did finally decide on a VA Echo 1 MP5 A4. I really liked the look and the reviews were positive enough for me to feel this is a descent choice. Although finding one in stock from one of the retailers I mentioned above wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... ASGI does have the JG MP5 A4 Full Metal, but I wanted the warranty (even if it is only 30 days). Now I've heard people say in the past (no relation to airsoft) "if you need to get a product with a warranty, then your getting the wrong product". Man I wish that was true. I don't know if itís my dumb luck, but the most time I ever "need" a warranty is on a product I bought without one!
So, I ended up finding one on for $175-ish, which was a bit above my original price point. Not a biggie, I'll spend a few bucks extra to get something from a reputable retailer any day. Before I placed my order yesterday I called the store and made sure they had one in stock. Staff was more than happy to check and was extremely helpful with the questions I asked. Now this is just my initial Impression, my package won't arrive till next week. But here's why I'm as satisfied as I am. My order totaled out to about $260-ish, I got a few accessories i.e. 5 pack of midcaps, hicap for the G36, gun oil and grease, 5,000 .2 BB's. Now like I've said I've been building PC's for about 10 years and am very familiar with online order processing and "free" shipping, but as it stands we may have a contender in my book for fastest processing and shipping ever! My order was placed a little after 3pm CST yesterday and was in the mail by 5:53pm EST (4:53 CST)! Thatís less than 1 hour and 53 minutes!!! In all my life I have never had such a turn around on business I do unless itís face-to-face! says its scheduled to arrive on the 16th but at this rate it might just be here Monday (as of now tracking says it arrived in Nashville, TN @ 5:00am this is free ground shipping too)! I just thought I would share my experience. I'll add my First impressions and a short review when my package arrives.

Thanks for suffering through my long winded story!
Feel free to add your comments or thoughts!

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Airsoft Atlanta Rocks!
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