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 IP property rights on the forum

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IP property rights on the forum Empty
PostSubject: IP property rights on the forum   IP property rights on the forum EmptyTue Sep 09, 2008 1:54 am

This is a general announcement directed to all ASR (Airsoft Reports) forum members and guests.

There is a lot of good info that has been posted by the members of this forum.

I want you all to be aware of how your rights and the rights of Airsoft Reports stack up.

First, until I approve of the contents of a post, the material contained within the posts is your property. You MAY request that the material be removed.

However, the method I choose to use in "approving" of posts has multiple forms.

#1 Placing a reply on a thread. This means that until I place a reply on a specific posting, you can request that it be removed.

This also means that once I have approved of the item, it can no longer be removed, unless I choose to have it removed.

To this end, the posting contents are ASR property. However, anything such as a review or guide will be credited to the party who created it. Unless that party has been banned from the forum, blog/site, youtube etc...

Thus, only members in good standing with ASR (Airsoft Reports) will receive credit for work claimed by ASR on this forum.

I.e. if you post a guide and then you commit an offense to get you banned, you will not be guarunteed credit (I may still credit you at my own leisure).

This is important protocol that I have had to implement given the rise in conflict in this area of IP law.

It may sound harsh, but I have to do this to keep the forum open.

#2 The second method of approval is through my moderators acting in good faith in the spririt of the forum and ASR commenting on a thread. This means that an ASR (Airsoft Reports) moderator could comment on a thread and thereby approve of its content.

However, should the moderator be acting in "bad faith "I.e. in an effort to subvert the interests of the forum or ASR or any of its affiliates the thread is not approved and still remains the property of the poster.

Basically, this is a lesson learned from when we had mods commit "Treason" on the forum and ASR and do things for malevolent reasons under the guise of being forum moderators.

This means ASR would not be liable material approved against the rules and regs of the forum and the website.

This whole thing may seem complicated, and it is a little. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Admin via PM.

Just remember, that basically until Admin (Konrad) or a Moderator comment on your thread that you own it and have the right to request its removal.

After a mod or admin comment, the thread becomes ASR (Airsoft Reports) property.


Konrad (Admin)

Owner and Admin of Airsoft Reports
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IP property rights on the forum
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