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 New Rules - Finale

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New Rules - Finale Empty
PostSubject: New Rules - Finale   New Rules - Finale EmptyFri Oct 26, 2007 2:48 am

1. No off-topic discussion.
If what you need to say is off topic and still related to airsoft make a new topic.

2. No profanity.
Users of all age use this forum, to remain a family safe site profanity is not allowed to happen. All pornographic images will be removed. The use of !@#$%^&* to cover a word is not acceptable.

3. No "real steel" discussion
This forum was made for airsoft. If you feel the need to talk about real steal handle this manner through PM's or not at all.*Note: Having a Real Steel History section in a review, does not apply to these rules.

4. No political/religious discussion or statements.
This type of talk is not allowed, period. Politics are a source of arguments, and that is not needed. If you have an opinion discuss it else where.

5. No Anti-American, no Anti-Military comments. We here at ASR respect the men and women who are serving us overseas. We are also proud of our country. Note: We are not just an American community, people from all corners of the Earth are welcome here.

6. No posting of for-sale items in the forums

7. Avoid double posting and excessive bumping
If you should find that you've accidentally posted a reply or topic twice, please use the delete icon within the post to remove it. If you feel that a topic should be bumped to the top of the topics index, please edit one of your posts within. This will cause it to be listed once more as the first topic. However, please restrict this to only one or two iterations per post. Sometimes, people just don't have the answers you're looking for.

8. Post your comments in English
If the post is in any other language it will be removed. If you post a foreign word within an English post, the entire post will be removed.

9. Refer your "Which gun" posts to the appropriate section.

10. Confidentiallity of communication between the Administrator and any mod/memebr via PM is strictly recognized. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, there is a presumption that nothing stated within any PM to or from the Admin (Konrad) is to be made public. A breach of this confidentiallity will be dealt with on a case by case basis. However, the penalties can be severe if it is determined that malicious intent was present in the publication of private material.
What happens if you break the rules:
A warning through a PM for first offenders. If the offense is deemed to have merit, a more serious punishment will be used. When it all comes down, the moderator chooses the punishment to be used within reason of the offense.

When making your topic title, have it briefly describe your situation.
A good topic title is 3 - 7 words long. On your title avoid using all caps.
Here are a few examples:
Bad - OMG I Need HELP!
Alright - Help, my Mp5 wont fire!
Good - Echo1 Mp5 not firing
In the good you will notice I did not use the word help, if the user is posting in the help section, they already know you need aid.
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New Rules - Finale
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