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 Which gun threads *READ*

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Which gun threads *READ* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which gun threads *READ*   Which gun threads *READ* EmptySun Jan 13, 2008 1:28 am

We have all been in this position at one time or another. We all want the magic answer as to which airsoft gun we should get.

The problem is there is no magic answer, nor is there even a right answer.

That said, it always helps to get other's opinions and we understand that; Thats why we have a forum.

in the interest of saving time and getting the best answers out to the
members we have a few requests for those of you who post in this

#1 Try to research the gun(s) that you are interested
in first by using the search button on the forum. Chances are, someone
has had the same question and may have gotten a lot of answers already.

Make sure to state what your budget is (Max you can afford to spend
including battery, charger, high cap mag, the whole works).

Make sure you post what type of field you will be playing on. Ex:
Outdoor/heavily wooded with lots of brush or; Indoor/very close
quarters. (This way, members get an idea of your needs).

#4 If
you already know what style of gun to get, make sure to state that you
are merely wanting people's opinions on manufacturer.

remember! The forum functions best when all the members try to work
together to get the best info out to public! Respect is key, so try to
stay on topic and try your best to write informative responses.


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Which gun threads *READ*
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